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Dave & Johnny designs, manufactures and distributes many of the most popular prom, bridesmaid and special event dresses. As Dave and Johnny approaches their third decade in providing you with the prom dress you've always dreamt of, they continue to lead the dress industry in design, manufacturing and affordability.

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The Dave & Johnny prom, bridesmaid and special event collections are sophisticated, sexy, fun and glamorous. From detailed designs, unique beading, sexy strapless gowns, elegant halter necklines plus much more, they've got everything!

dave and johnny dresses

Dave and Johnny's talented group of dress designers are inspired by couture fashions from all over the entire world, leaving Dave & Johnny dresses recognized for their classic elegance, sexy design and sophisticated looks with unique accents.

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Attending your prom is an exciting experience, but getting ready for it may be stressful. If you're worried about having the ability to afford a prom dress, there are many places to find cheap or even free dresses within the Dallas area. You can look your better and save money on your big day.

dave and johnny dresses


The Prom Shop Project, which entered 2001, invites junior and senior students to wait giveaway events at various Dallas stores each spring. You will get a free of charge dress only if you have fun playing the free or reduced lunch program at your school. You will need to register online beforehand to be able to attend the big event. A mother or father or guardian can accompany you and often will not be able to support you in finding a gown. Bring a photocopy of your student ID and lunch program documentation.

A high level junior or senior inside the Dallas Independent School District, you could also be eligible to wait the annual BuzzFree Promises Dress Giveaway. This spring event, which began in 2001, rewards students that have pledged to stay drug- and alcohol-free. You'll be inspired to write an essay on this topic and fill out a registration form at your school. A counselor or any other school contact must nominate you in order for you to definitely attend the wedding. You must maintain at least a C average and also have good citizenship and attendance records. For information, call (214) 243-1583. Vintage Stores and Consignment Shops

Discover concerned with using a brand-new dress, you will find good deals on used clothing at your local vintage stores and specialty shops. Both places contain used or worn dresses at prices considerably less than the latest department shop styles. If you want a finely detailed dress or even an unusual style that was not around in years, check vintage stores locally. If you want some thing modern, consignment shops carry more up-to-date styles. Look dresses over thoroughly for flaws before choosing. Keep in mind that you may pay more to get a vintage clothe themselves in mint condition than you would for any slightly worn consignment store find.

Clearance Sales and Outlets

Keep an eye out for clearance sales at shops in your area. The best times to check are when stores are receiving eliminate the current season's dresses to produce room for the next season's line. Since prom season is in spring, plan far ahead and view for sales inside the late spring or early summer before your prom.

Malls also send marked-down merchandise, including evening wear, up to their outlet stores. You might find good bargains at these places for time and energy to search through the racks.


Instead of investing in a dress, you may be able to rent one. Talk with local bridal and evening wear shops in your area to see if they provide this particular service. Remember that you could be held responsible for the price of cleaning or repair when the dress is soiled or damaged.

Be free to check the fabric before you buy

We are very glad to tell you in regards to the fabric sample. When you want to get a dress on our website, you may will be worried about fabric quality. So we could ship the fabric sample out to you. You might check it, then choose the dress from us. As well as, after you bought it, we'll also offer you our best follow up plan to you to definitely completely make sure you are satisfied.

Free tailor-made, carefully hand-crafted everything

We could manufacture the dresses matched in your any speical requirements regardless of where you might be from,which ethnic you are and just how old you might be. We'll choose the high quality and exquisite material, and will also make each producing process perfectly well.